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  • April 16th, 2019

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Dietitian |Health Coach Annette Gettinger San Antonio Texas


Are you looking to put your Hashimoto’s into complete remission or simply regain your energy so that you can actually get work done without feeling chronically fatigued? Maybe you just want to enjoy your family time after work and return to a time when you used to feel happy and have the energy to exercise or take a walk. It’s time you work with a Dietitian Nutritionist and AIP Health Coach to treat your Hashimoto’s or autoimmune disease.

Maybe you want your hair to stop shedding or falling out every time you shower.

How about lose that weight that you’ve been desperately trying to shed?

Oh and what about your memory. Do you feel like you get up to go do something and you walk a few steps only to forget why you got up in the first place?

Whatever current symptoms you’re facing due to your Hashimoto’s, it’s time to take control of it and regain your life back. It’s time to commit to taking control of your autoimmune disease and to work with an AIP Health Coach and Dietitian Nutritionist.

Your health is your greatest wealth. Invest in yourself.

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Annette Gettinger Health Coach and Dietitian

I’m not just a dietitian or nutritionist but I’m also an autoimmune paleo (AIP) certified health coach who lives with Hashimoto’s. I have my own story with living with an autoimmune disorder. I know what it’s like to have GOBS of hair shedding out when showering. I had debilitating migraines, lethargy, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and the inability to lose that last bit of weight.

Moreover, as an AIP Health Coach and Dietitian Nutritionist I specialize in a dietary and lifestyle approach specifically for autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto’s being one of the many. My concern isn’t just to focus on the dietary approach to healing but we also work together to support and develop a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Just to list a few lifestyle aspects, I will assess your sleeping patternsstressexercise, and your connection with friends, family, and outside world.

This dietary & lifestyle protocol has tremendous success with Hashimoto’s patients all over the world. To read about the latest research study done which analyzed the efficacy of the autoimmune protocol on Hashimoto’s participants, you can can read about it here.

If you’re here now, let’s book a clarity call to determine if we’re a match.


  1. Schedule A Clarity Call.

First step would be to book a Clarity Call. After we discuss your concerns and if my program is right for you, I can determine if you qualify for my program. Due to the amount of time I spend with clients, I’m only able to accept a limited number of clients based on available openings.

2. Initial Assessment

Nutritionist Autoimmune Disease Health Coach
Nutrition Therapy

After we determine we’re a great fit and you qualify, we will start with an assessment either in-person, telephone, or Zoom. This appointment is quite lengthy so please make time to sit and talk from anywhere between 1-2 hours. I might ask you for specific lab testing or request you get lab testing from your doctor.

3. Thyroid Reset

Hashimoto's diet
Hashimoto’s Protocol

After I identify the areas that need adjustments in your lifestyle we’ll create an action plan to implement those goals. Next, we’ll start prepping you to start the customized protocol that has helped many women put their autoimmune disorder in remission. We’ll take a slow and steady approach to implementing and I’ll be at your side if you have any questions along the way!

4. Support and Transformation

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Nutrition Therapy AIP Protocol

Once you know what to do it’s all about helping you implement your new lifestyle. If it were easy you would have already done it. That’s why I make sure I’m every step of the way to help you when there are bumps in the road. You’ll get all the guidance and support you need to make some serious change.