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What Exactly is AIP in SIX and Why You Should Sign-Up.

  • Ann
  • April 12th, 2019

OK, Annette. What the heck is AIP in SIX?

AIP in SIX is my new Group Coaching series that I am so excited to kick off! It is a six week, in-person (in San Antonio, sorry!), group health coaching program to slowly transition you from your current diet to the autoimmune protocol (AIP). By the end of the 30 days, you will be 100% in compliance with AIP and be able to continue on to the maintenance phase.

Why is group coaching beneficial to me?

The group is ONLY limited to six women; we are a tight, intimate group of ladies, and we are able to share our concerns, health fears, troubleshoot, brainstorm ideas, and support one another as we go through the AIP elimination phase. Group coaching is beneficial for so many reasons, because for 1.) It allows you to be held accountable to a group of people who will ask you, “Hey ___, how did your week go with eliminating this food component?” 2.) You’re able to “troubleshoot” with areas that you’re having difficulty with – it’s not just two brains working together, there are 7! 3.) An expert coach to help guide you along, week by week and 4.) The cost of having a Dietitian/AIP Health Coach every week for 6-weeks is a fraction of what you’d pay for an initial consult + 1-2 follow-ups.

Oh and lastly, who do you turn to for support when family sometimes doesn’t understand the complexity of your pain, fatigue, or anxiety? Well, we do and we’re here for you.

Who is AIP in SIX for?

AIP in SIX is for women who have an autoimmune diagnosis, who have tried the autoimmune protocol but have not successfully transitioned & maintained the elimination phase for at least 30 days.

AIP in SIX is also for women who have an autoimmune disease and have not tried any dietary approach to managing their chronic symptoms.

Or AIP in SIX can be for those who are confused, overwhelmed, and feel it is too complicated but feel they want to give it one last chance before they disregard it all together (just one more chance).

What does it entail?

Honestly, it entails that you show-up and commit yourself for-6 weeks. Also be prepared to learn exactly why this protocol works, how it works at reducing inflammation in your body, dive into stress management, assessing your quality of sleep, movement, and connection with friends/family. The value is phenomenal and the connection with one another is a lifelong gift.

Will it be all day?

Nope! Just 75-mins (10am-11:15am) every Saturday morning for SIX weeks. That’s it.

What if I can’t make it to this AIP in SIX session?

Don’t worry, I host these group coaching sessions, every six weeks! Keep checking the website for the next round. Also, you can sign-up to be on the waiting list and next session here.

Ok, I’ve heard enough! Where do I sign-up?!

Sign-up here. With your consent and permission I will send you an invoice via email.