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Top 10 Candida Symptoms & Self Test.

  • Ann
  • July 9th, 2019

Could it be Candida? 

I have recently become obsessed with reading about candida!  It’s a weird thing to get obsessed about but that’s the gut nerd in me….. 

Did you know over 90% of Americans & Canadians have candida but don’t know that they are actually suffering from it. 

It’s one of those symptoms doctors tend to overlook or tell you “it’s all in your head.” 

Candida  yeast is a type of fungus that is not beneficial for the body, therefore it is considered an “unfriendly” bacteria. Candida is everywhere and we come in contact with it daily.  Yeast is even in our gut lining but the problem exist when it overgrows. 

Candida is definitely a stubborn yeast and though you can treat candida overgrowth with diflucan or another antifungal prescription medication, this truly doesn’t solve the issue. 

Diet and a supplement regimen is truly the key to eliminating the overgrowth to begin to feel better and then add some love to those supporting digestive organs that are probably working overtime by battling this yeast thing through specific supplements and some anti inflammatory, antifungal, teas and herbs.  

Yeast love sugar and fermented foods.  If you’re craving sugar or eat a diet high in carbohydrates you’re adding fuel to the fire. 

Probiotics, fermented foods and beverages – think kombuchas – are also adding fuel to the fire.  That’s right! I was shocked when I learned what I thought was good for my gut could actually be making it worse. 

It doesn’t mean any of these foods are EVIL it just means you should explore the symptoms and take the Candida Self Test. 


  • Bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • White Coating on the tongue
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Debilitating fatigue 
  • Intense sugar cravings
  • Chronic Sinus or yeast infections or excess mucous
  • Skin breakouts, eczema, psoriasis
  • Nail Fungus, jock itch, itchy skin, dandruff
  • Persistent food or environmental allergies 

The candida self test involves running water and a clear glass. It’s free and certainly not fancy. Here is what to do:

  1. First thing in the morning, before you eatm drink, or brush your teeth fill a cup of water in a clear glass.
  2. Work up about a dime size of saliva and spit it in the cup of water.
  3. As you’re getting ready for the next 45 minutes, watch to see what happens.
  4. Does it float?
  5. Does it sink to the bottom?
  6. Does it float but looks like it grew legs that are reaching for the bottom of the glass?

If it sinks, you most likely have candida and should adopt a candida diet to kick it out.

If your saliva floated but grew legs, you might have a bit of candida overgrowth and probably should take care of it or it could continue to overgrow. And if it floated you’re in the clear.