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Planning to Start AIP? Three Tips to Consider Before You Start.

  • Ann
  • June 4th, 2019

So you got your diagnoses and you’ve got mixed emotions of happiness and OVERWHELM.

 On the one hand you’ve got your diagnosis, YAY, you can finally treat the dang disorder but on the other hand you’re so overwhelmed.  Where do I start? What do I do? What can I eat? What can’t I eat?! How do I feed myself and my family? When do I start? How do I start? Do I jump all in? Do I take it slow? Wait- how do I take it slow? Do I eliminate 1 food item at a time? But wait – how long will that take and when will I start to feel better? OMG – it’s just exhausting to hear all that internal chatter.


  1. Stacking the Worst – Stacking can be when you begin stacking one worst possibility with another, and another, and another,  again, and again, it never, never, never ends. It’s this cycle of manifesting your worst outcomes because you’re just focused on the worst outcome.  If we can begin to shift your stacking outcomes with stacking positive outcomes, you’re MUCH more likely to see, feel, live from this positive perspective. You can shift from, “OMG – I’m never going to feel better, I’m failing my family, I’m never there for them, because I’m always tired, I can hardly function.” TO “What if I start to eat better, what if I start to feel better, and then what if I gain my energy back, and  then I can start going on walks with my son in the evening and it’ll be so nice to spend time with him, and I’ll get to be outside and how nice it’ll feel to be in the sun….” Do you see once you start thinking of the positive possibilities you begin to visualize it that it almost starts to feel good. You can feel the outcome. I challenge all of you to try this with anything you might be stacking in your current life.

2. Get tested for GI infections –  Yes, maybe you did get a autoimmune diagnosis but the autoimmune protocol doesn’t resolve these issues.  I would hate for you to feel defeated when you have an underlying GI infection and you start this path to recovery but yet you’re not seeing much of any difference due to this underlying infection.  If you do start AIP and you don’t see any improvement between 30-60 days it might be smart for you to consider testing for GI infection, virus, parasites, yeast and bacteria overgrowth.

3. Join a FB Support Group or a Meetup –  I cannot rave enough about these FB Groups.  There are so so many. There are even FB support groups specifically for your disorder. I’ve heard success stories with women who’ve said if it weren’t for the support group they wouldn’t have been able to recover.  The internet does make us more connected but only if we utilize it for its purpose. Not only do these groups provide support but they’re there to help you troubleshoot, get inspired from reading others success stories, and to get recipe ideas.

If you would like to look up a Meetup Group in your area you can use this link to search for a Meetup group closest to you.

I hope these 3-Tips will provide a sense of direction or relief for you before getting started. I know first hand how overwhelming this protocol can be but it is possible to put you disorder in remission. I’ve heard so many success stories and people with multiple autoimmune disorders as well.

It definitely isn’t just a dietary component. It’s a lifestyle and mindset component as well. The mindset can be just as powerful as the dietary but you’ll have more success with healing if all three components are being nurtured.

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