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Five Starter Steps to Heal From Hashimoto’s.

  • Ann
  • December 10th, 2019


This is the most frequent comment & question I hear when it comes to healing from Hashimoto’s. Or clients tell me, I don’t know where to start.

I’ve experienced this as well. There is soo much information on the web, books, your doctor, friends, family, you just don’t know who is right and where to start. Am I right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I hope to guide you to the next right place, person, or healing regimen for you to start experiencing your own healing changes.


Everyone is different. I’m sure you know this. However, what works for one person, does not work for everyone.

With this said, I’ve made a list of “tools.” Put these tools in your tool box. Try one or two of them out. If it doesn’t work for you, try another.

One final note on starting. Be consistent. Don’t try it for 1-day or 1-week and say, “This isn’t working.”

It took your body years to get this disease or illness. It didn’t happen over night. Therefore, it will take sometime to heal. It won’t take years & years but it will take time. I wish I could quantify the time for you. However, it’s different for

For example, I’ve known people with Hashimoto’s who have healed within three months to six months. I also have worked with women who felt changes within as little as 2-3 weeks but their blood work didn’t change until the 1-year mark.

So, when you start, gauge progress based on how you feel. I promise the healing inside will begin and your lab work will show this through time.


1. Cut out gluten, dairy, soy, & eggs – If you read the Medical Medium, this book gives the best explanation to why these foods should be eliminated if you have Hashimoto’s. Without getting too deep into the why’s here, I’ll briefly state that these foods are fuel to the virus and bacteria that are driving your Hashimoto’s.

2. Consume little animal protein & fat for breakfast – Start your morning with fruits that cleanse your body. This maybe difficult if you’ve taken a more paleo approach to healing. While paleo does include fruits & vegetables it’s emphasis is protein & fat. Why? Because if I dumped car oil on you right before you were about to go to work, what would you need to do? Could you just get a napkin, wipe it off and leave? Probably not, you would need to take a shower and change into new clothes. Well, if you want your liver to fight & cleanse out the junk (heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, & toxic waste) that it needs to do, fats (from animal protein, oils, nuts & seeds) slow down it chemical processes. Your liver has over 2000 chemical functions. Part of the reason why we have Hashimoto’s is because the liver is harboring pathogens and viruses which is growing/feeding the condition. So, start your day with a breakfast smoothie, like this one here. Or these low-fat muffins. I can’t emphasize enough, lots of fruits.

3. Drink lemon/lime water upon waking – As soon as you wake up, walk to your kitchen and gulp down at least 16 oz of lime or lemon water. If you can drink 32 oz, even better. I know most with Hashimoto’s take Thyroid medication in the morning. This is perfectly fine. It actually helps to absorb your medication. The reason it’s healing to drink lime or lemon water, is because your liver wakes up before you do. It’s up in the whee hours cleaning the house before you can start messing up the house. The lime/lemon water will help cleanse & flush out the toxic waste that it was cleaning out. This also helps with increasing HCl acid production. Again, another common symptom from having Hashimoto’s, low HCl acid production. If you feel commonly bloated after a meal or indigestion, it could be from low bile production as well as other digestive enzymes. Another reason to drink lemon/lime water.

4. Celery Juice – I can not rave enough about the healing benefits of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach. You might be scratching your head, thinking what? Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of celery juice or maybe you’ve heard about it and thought it was a fad. I assure you it’s NOT. After reading any of these 5 starter steps and you can’t decide which one to begin with. Begin with celery juice. If you don’t have a juicer, go to any juicing bar or if you have a Whole Foods near you. You can also blend celery in a blender, then using a cheese cloth strain out the juice. If you’re committed to healing, I recommend investing in a juicer eventually. Again you don’t have to do this right away. Start with getting fresh juice from a juice bar, so that you can feel the results and become a true believer in it’s healing benefits. To learn more about the healing benefits, read this article.

5. Eat fruits & vegetables EVERY.DAY. Like A LOT – Not to put a knock on paleo at all but when I was AIP & paleo, I was told to consume 2-servings of fruit per day because of the sugar content. It made perfect sense. Sugar causes inflammation, therefore eliminate the sugar in your diet. Let’s back up here. Sugar (glucose) is FUEL for your liver. Brain. Body. Period. I’m not advocating for you to dump sugar on to your plate. There is clearly a difference between white sugar & sugar attached with antioxidants, polyphenols, fiber, antiviral properties, & so, so much more. Here is a great article about “Fruit Fear” that explains everything you need to know about the healing powerful benefits of fruit.


Pick at least one of the above suggested tips one week. The next week incorporate another. Then, the following week add another recommendation. You will begin to feel the difference. Once you begin to feel the difference, you will be more inclined to continue on.

If you are inclined to work with someone with the knowledge, experience and who won’t overwhelm you, then consider working with me. I’ll pretty much act as your personal Dietitian. I’ll tell you exactly what it is you need to avoid, what foods to focus on, hold you accountable, and be a text away as we work together. If you would like more information about my program Book a Call . I’d love to either point you in the right direction, give you tips, or actually work together. I want to be the last person you work with on your healing journey.

Too many women have been from doctor to doctor or nutritionist to nutritionist. I’m not your traditional Dietitian. You can learn more about me here.