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Eat. Pray. Move. Sleep & Love Everyday

  • Ann
  • September 17th, 2018

Hello cyber community!  I am Annette Gettinger, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, with a simple message and task at hand, to heal thy gut. My gut and hopefully yours too.  Here is a little story as to why I’m here.

It’s been almost 7 years and for the last 6 years, I’ve always wanted to create a business for myself. I have nothing to show for it except for my intentions and my deep wanting to reach out and help women with feeling better by eating right. It was always as simple as that. But it’s been 6.5 years and I’ve learned feeling better is more than just eating well.

What is This About?

For women, it’s a spiritual, physical, and mental journey to well being. We are unique emotional creatures with a complicated internal working system that is constantly working towards homeostasis. Homeostasis being the equilibrium to soaring through health feeling vibrantly alive. Not bogged down by our unhealthy physical state of being.

So with this platform, I am emerging as a young entrepreneurial Dietitian with the intention to use this space to help guide and support women to find their intuitive voice through intuitive eating. Heal thy Gut and you will have more than a healthy gut. Healthy Gut believes there are 4 pillars to live a thriving and rich life.  Those three pillars are: sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and faith in a higher power (God, Buddha, Jesus, Jehovah).

Well being involves many components and if you define well being, what does that look like for you? What does that feel like?

For me, well being means feeling spiritually alive, connected to my source energy without hating myself for what I ate for lunch. Often I tried to achieve wellness without the spiritual factor but felt lost and empty. It drove me to eat compulsively. Then I tried to swing the other way and focused on spiritual well being but neglected eating well. While I did feel better and closer to who I am, I still felt physically drained and unhappy with how I was eating. Eating the way I was caused me to develop Hypothyroid, an autoimmune condition that I am still trying to reverse.

I’ve learned, in order to function in this busy world we need to thrive from the inside out.  You can’t fake energy.  Maybe you could but you would be putting in EXTRA energy just to do so.  The basic building blocks to thriving and feeling well on a day-to-day basis are sleep and eating well. Food affects are moods, therefore if we are not cultivating a healthy gut micro biome, chances are it’s affecting your brain and ultimately you state of mind.

Exercise allows your body to build strength and release old energy that is stored in those muscles from sitting at a desk all day or maybe from a sedentary lifestyle. It also releases endorphins that chemically make us feel good.   This is why my husband chooses to exercise every morning.  He says exercise is his antidepressant.

Lastly, a spiritual practice can be that guiding source that allows us to believe in ourselves and that anything is possible. I’m still learning about this myself.  It’s not easy taking risks but yet I have the faith that my inner guide is guiding me in the right direction.  This allows me to create serendipitous moments that are just so magical.

I’ve said A LOT.

Intentions & Mission

With this platform and with my services offered, my intentions are:

1.) To offer sound nutritional advice to heal your gut while simultaneously healing your mind
2.) Educate women on choosing the right dietary lifestyle for your body – paleo, gluten-free, autoimmune protocol, etc
3.) Inspire you to becomes the goddess that you are by

– eating well

– cultivating a spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, journaling)

– exercising or movement in general (yoga, jogging, cycling)

– creating a sleeping ritual

4.) Offer simple, healthy recipes to incorporate into your life – even if you have no experience with cooking
5.) To help you break down the barriers that are stopping you from your healing journey
6.) Inspire you to live your upmost fulfilling version of you!

Thank you for reading and visiting this blog. I hope to serve your health in any way possible.

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Let’s make that transition from not knowing where to start, or knowing you need to but have not, to transforming your gut to a healthy gut while simultaneously connecting to your intuition.

Heal thy gut from the inside out. Let’s start the healing journey one pillar at a time.