Registered Dietitian Nutritionist San Antonio

Hi! My name is Annette Gettinger, a native of San Antonio and founder Registered Dietitian Nutritionist of Healthy Gut. I consider myself a food therapist, gut health and nontoxic life style expert.


Professional women and mom’s with gut disorders, Hashimoto’s, Pre-Diabetes, or if you simply want to get your life back by putting your health needs first so that you can feel better, think clearer, and be more comfortable & confident in your body.


I grew up in a predominantly Mexican-American food culture. My parents knew little to nothing about nutrition, health, or how food affects the body. I loved to eat chips, candy, sweet cereals, and pastries. Pizza was definitely my favorite food!

Let’s just say I knew NOTHING about the body’s relationship to food. Even in high school when I played sports and ran cross country, my diet wasn’t ideal. It was no wonder I got migraines and was so tired all the time. I WISH someone would have mentored me on the school of nutrition.

This goes to show, during the mid 90’s San Antonio was in the dark ages in regards to how foods affect the body.


Something personal you should know about me. I was born with a below the elbow congenital amputation on my left arm.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist San Antonio

As a small child, this had zero impact on my ability to do anything. When you’re small there is no judgment or comparison to self. My attitude growing up was if you could do it, then I can do it twice as fast. I never wanted to be excluded or thought of as being “different.”

It wasn’t until my middle school years – no surprise- when I started to feel subconscious of my body. This led me to develop body distortion beliefs. It was definitely a dark period and in lasted well into my high school years.

I judged my body in every possible way, not just because I had a missing limb but I wanted to be blond, thin, and tall (rolling my eyes). Growing up in a community that is 95% Mexican-American, it was hard to stand out from all the other brown Latinas. Or maybe I did stand out in a different way- my missing arm- but I didn’t want pitiful attention.

It wasn’t until I went to college and started swimming when my self-confidence really boosted. I was also studying nutrition at this time and I started to learn how foods could impact our mood, boost sports performance, and prevent disease. People were amazed that I was a swimmer despite having one arm and often told me they admired my ability and determination.


After I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a whole series of events happened that triggered feelings of body insecurities along due to weight gain, gut issues, and a hormonal imbalance that had me feeling NOT MYSELF.


I had little to no knowledge of this disease and how it would impact my life from my mood to my physical body – hello weight gain and joint inflammation.

I did a lot of research and tried every approach out there from paleo, whole 30, Keto, and lastly AIP (the autoimmune protocol.)

I felt much better but overtime I hit a wall. I was now dealing with digestive issues and the weight wasn’t coming off despite how hard I was exercising. I felt like a hamster running on a tread mill.

hamster wheel

It wasn’t until I took a root cause and holistic nutrition approach to healing that I found the answers.

It tool A LOT of research and trial and error but I am finally in a place where I don’t need to diet. I follow a lifestyle approach and I can enjoy foods that won’t send me into a full on flare-up or I get symptoms (bloating, gut pain, inflammation, puffy face).


I am a firm believer in this! I love the work that I do because I get to help women FINALLY get answer to their dietary struggles and feel better.

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